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Leveraging AI in technology staffing

Intellects Group was created from a vision to design a state-of-the-art technical and professional resource matchmaking “ecosystem”. We brought together three companies with extensive experience, advanced technology, and innovative processes to attract and retain superior talent. Intellects Group emerges to deliver on the vision through our proprietary AI tool, The Perfect Match.

Our process of providing companies with a proven, rated, and referenceable candidate is the future of staffing. The result is the perfect match for both the company and the individual.

Intellects Group secret to success is in our continuously growing candidate network that is built passively through our proprietary AI tool. The outcome: Over 90% of our candidates in our database do not have resumes posted on job boards and are mostly gainfully employed.

Your request for the precise match is powered by Intellects Group AI’s ability to scan the incredible network of people that are not looking for job opportunities but would be interested in career advancements and unique job positions. The right opportunity seeks them; not the other way around. The profiled candidate is then processed into our database of proven, rated, and referenceable talent. Now clients are matched with even greater precision and effectiveness.

Intellects Group is a certified diverse supplier

As a certified diverse supplier to fortune 500 companies, Intellects Group will remain effective as markets transition further into an equal opportunity environment.