Interlacing Ideas and Motivation

Intellects Group has pioneered the game of talent acquisition. It has been an industry leader, when it comes to innovations in the field such as, AI integration in hunting for the candidates. It has completely disrupted the staffing business with its result-oriented strategies such as, use of advance analytics to improve the economics of the hiring procedure.


Intellects Group is a trendsetter. While the majority of the IT staffing firms worldwide provide a 90-day placement guarantee, we set the new precedent by offering a 1 Full Year Placement Guarantee on our permanent placements to minimize your risk and increase consumer satisfaction.

Attract Screen and retain:

Intellects Group is taking a new route when it comes to our expansive network. We break our process down into 3 steps: 1) Attract 2) Screen 3) Retain. Intellects Group is phasing out the traditional method of searching for resumes and job listings with the help of AI. By utilizing a series of cutting-edge screening software, we are able to insure the candidate is the perfect fit. We retain our network by maintaining frequent communication, getting our candidates industry-rated, and offering incentive packages, that include but are not limited to, year-end bonuses and paid vacation packages.

Born from Innovation:

Intellects Group has turned the corner on traditional recruiting practices. Intellects Group is on the cutting edge of technology, by integrating AI and leveraging new technology, we are able to complete our mission to make our experience the most efficient and cost effective on the market.

Proven Network:

All of Intellects Group’s candidates are highly specialized and industry-proven experts with years of vertical industry experience. Our advanced technology and passionate associates guarantee the candidate will only be recommended if they pass our exclusive vetting processes, demonstrate a synergistic understanding, and are industry-proven. Whether contract or permanent staff, we are able to browse a network showing a complete range of education, expertise and skill sets in the Technology, Networking, Telecommunications, Chemical & Renewable Energy Sectors.