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The Matchmaking Process: Finding your perfect innovator

Our proprietary AI tool constantly polls profiles to create the matchmaking process. The use of our proprietary tools along with the experience of our rated contractors allows us to excel at a matchmaking process for our clients that delivers continued employment and reduces client interviewing time and attrition costs.

Simplify your hiring process with automated technical assessments. The old way of evaluating candidates was spotting keywords on thousands of resumes. With HackerRank, you can send coding assessments in over 35+ programming languages to validate skills instantly.

Neuroscience games - Collect objective behavioural data using neuroscience exercises that are the gold-standard of neuroscience research
Customized AI - Maximize prediction + increase efficiency through customized but automated machine learning algorithms
Bias-free algorithms - Methodologically remove bias from algorithms by iterative algorithm auditing process, ensuring lack of bias
Common application - Rejected candidates can automatically match to other opportunities across other clients using Pymetrics, improving candidate experience.

Advanced AI systems used as an automated assistant to improve efficiency and lower costs.

With ConveyIQ’s Talent Communication Platform, recruiters can spend more time sourcing top talent and less time on administrative tasks. Recruiters can just manage candidates using their existing Applicant Tracking System and ConveyIQ handles the rest.

Implementing video interviews helps everyone involved in the hiring process make better decisions about which candidates to move forward with.

Uses advanced technology to screen, interview, and hire talent faster.