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Ineffective job board hunting cannot compete with Intellects Group proprietary matchmaking technology. With an expansive network of more than 250,000 top-rated referenceable candidates — including the largest network of AWS, DevOps, FinTech, and HCM professionals — we have leveraged our proprietary AI tool to provide proven, rated, and referenceable contractors in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Intellects Group has deconstructed traditional staffing methods and reconstructed an innovative approach to precisely match the ideal candidate with the right company, the first time.



Global Payments – Director of Talent Acquisition

“Intellects Group has effectively worked with Global Payments software development projects in delivering superior and creative solutions. The quality of work provided by Intellects Group has been at a level that has allowed Intellects Group to stand out from other vendors. Repetitive quality performance and diversified skill sets available on demand Globally, is the reason we continue to engage in a business relationship with Intellects Group.”

FIS – VP of Software Development

“I wish to thank you for their recruiting support and assistance provided by Intellects Group over the past year. As you know, we are a Global Company developing leading edge finance software. As a result, there is a need to recruit highly skilled technology employees with specific skill sets. Intellects Group quickly emerged as our “go to” resource when we exhausted other recruiting avenues. You have always responded with a sense of urgency and have provided us with high caliber candidates. I consider Intellects Group to be a true partner in filling our recruiting needs.”

Paymentus – VP Talent Acquisition

“In the years I have been doing business with Intellects Group I can truthfully state that I have never had a consultant or placement that has not fulfilled their promise and guarantee. Intellects Group can find that “needle in the haystack”. When we have exhausted all other resources in our search Intellects Group has consistently delivered. The other key factor is timeliness to deliver and the best rates in North America. It has been my experience that Intellects Group maintains a pool of applicants which they draw against to match our needs. We have challenged them numerous times with last minute surprises and I can honestly say they have delivered to my satisfaction every time. As I have stated many times in the past, I would and do strongly recommend Intellects Group as a service provider and business partner.”

United Healthcare

“Intellects Group has been one of my exclusive choices for assisting me with outsourcing labor needs. I have used their services to augment my staff numerous times. I have always had quality interviews with qualified personnel which enabled me to meet my deadlines for bringing on additional staff. I have had a close working relationship with Intellects Group and would recommend other companies in need of high skilled labor staffing to seek out their perfect matchmaking process.”

IT experts to Blockchain experts,
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Creative confluence of three companies

The merging of three companies, leverages the synergy of creative thinking and a depth of experience to be rebranded as, Intellects Group.
Focused on data-driven analytics backed by our AI tool, Intellects Group offers a matchmaking process that spans an immense range from Cloud Computing to Blockchain experts. Noteworthy are Intellects Group staffing services and large pool of resources for the FinTech industry, where we stand as the undisputed leaders.


Values We Cherish

Innovation and Compassion. Intellects Group’s values stem from the very core reasons this company was created.

It all starts with, staying a
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We’ve outpaced the competition.

The capability of Intellects Group AI tool to poll gainfully employed resources and generate a social and professional profile in our database has created our own proprietary matchmaking database of passive talent.


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Over 2 million people per day are employed by
staffing companies.

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Intellects Group matchmaking process begins by scouring our extensive data base for not only education, skills, and experience but also personal preferences and lifestyle. We make sure that your candidate is not only suited to the job but would be happy in it. And, that is a big competitive difference between us and our competitors. We want a candidate to be a valued member and feel valued.